There are 36 days left till winter solstice, and the hours of daylight are few. On rainy days like today, we don’t really see any daylight at all, just shades of grey. Today’s dive was at midday, but the light was like dusk or dawn. 

Visual impressions can trig all kind of associations in me. The light beam dimmed by the dark blue water sent me 25 years back, to college, English curriculum, and the first lines of an old poem;

«There’s a certain slant of light, winter afternoons»

I could only remember fragments of the continuance, but these lines kept spinning in my head through the dive.

There were plenty of nudibranchses between six and twelve meters. Limacia clavigera was the species of the day. I love it when they pose as they did today.

The temperature range was 5 to 11 degrees Celcius and created haloclines at various depths as far down as 18m. From there and below it was like a night dive, an not possible to catch any ambient light at all.

Today’s dive was 92 minutes of quality time underwater.

I had to look up the poem. It was Emily Dickinsons “There’s a certain slant of light”.