Every responsible diver has a backup of everything. Typically we justify these investments for our spouses with safety reasons, an argument that usually works. However, the real reason is of course that we don’t want malfunctioning gear to stop us from diving.

With the years counting on my current suit the need for back-up has become more pressing, and a somewhat spontaneous purchase I did a while ago arrived today.

The Seaskin Nova was the absolutely cheapest suit I could find, at only 668 GBP with the specs I wanted and delivery to Sweden.

The suit arrived on time and fits me perfectly. It seems very well made and came exactly as ordered. In streamlined black and with no details whatsoever, it actually looks very good.

In all honesty, I didn’t have very high expectations for a suit at this price. However, at a fourth of the price of my current suit, and considering that I used to work with suit repairs and still am quite handy with a glue brush, I found it worth taking a chance on. It’s a taped membrane design, how bad can it possibly be?

On-time delivery and a suit exceeding my expectations by far was a really pleasant surprise. So I thought I would put the suit to its test, and share my experience with buying and owning a Seaskin Nova. Follow the tag “Seaskin“.

My Seaskin Nova

My suit is based on standard Seaskin Nova with the following options:

  • YKK plastic zipper
  • Warm neck simple
  • Old style high profile Apeks dump valve
  • Move dump valve – DIR style
  • Increased braces width to 40mm
  • Full telescopic torso
  • Expedition pockets
  • No logos
  • No reflective tape

Next up, is it dry? Stay tuned.