Finally my first real opportunity to test the Nikon 8-15mm behind a mini-dome. On my first dive with this setup the visibility was really poor, but even with no keepers on the memory card I realized this combination has potential.

Today the vis was not good, but better, and it was possible to take meaningful pictures. Behind a mini-dome you can only use this lens in the 15mm end, so no need for the big zoom-ring.

Lighting the scene is key in CFWA. Since its only relevant to light the area near the dome with flashlight, I also ditched the arms I normally use for wide angle, and used the short arms I use for macro. With strobes close to the dome you will get frames full of backscatter if you’re not careful. Only small adjustments in flash positioning makes a huge difference.

Lighting the scene is key, and also the main challenge. This will require training. A lot of training. So much fun ahead…