The fantastic weather continues, today we had another day with no wind and not a cloud in the sky. I returned to yesterdays dive spot to spend more time in the shallow part.

I was looking for nudibranches, but soon discovered that there also were skeleton shrimps everywhere. Some of them I didn’t even see during the, only to be surprised when opening the photos on my computer.

  • Dendronotus frondosus and skeleton shrimps. These ones I didn’t see.
  • Polycera quadrilineata and skeleton shrimps. I saw these.
  • Doris pseudoargus. Really nice asshole on these ones.
  • How many skeleton shrimps do you see?

I covered only a very small area during 88 minutes of bottom time today. Its absolutely amazing how marine life start to appear once you slow down and give yourself time to look. Real close.