This is the view from my home office. You are looking at a part of Kosterhavet National Park, with the island Nord Koster furthest out. The 200 meters deep Koster fjord runs between the islands and the mainland.

With 6000 species identified, whereof 200 are found nowhere else in Sweden, the fjord is the richest marine biodiversity in the country. The archipelago offers breathtaking scenery and is very popular for boating and kayaking. There are no cars on the Koster islands, and they are best explored on a bicycle.

In the archipelago you can always find a calm dive site no matter wind conditions. You can dive a lifetime in these waters, and there will still be more to explore.

Every now and then on days like this, when the neighbours pennant is hugging the pole and the ocean is like a mirror, the phenomenon dive now work later can be observed out there.

Unfortunately not today. If I could be diving I wouldn’t be in my office writing this right now. I would be on my way out there, and only able to tell you later what made me go out for an early morning dive.

Today I have work to do, and a meeting with a business partner in a few hours. There are exciting times ahead in my business.

So I thought I’d just share my morning and my view over a cup of coffee. This is where I live, and why I live here. Tomorrow is another day, I have nothing booked, and my tanks are filled.

Have a nice day!