A masterpiece arrived today. Ghost Ships of the Baltic Sea by Jonas Dahm and Carl Douglas. The publisher about the book:

This unique sea holds close to 100,000 wrecks – many of them surprisingly well kept. The cold water and the historic lack of shipworms has preserved the ships better than anywhere else in the world – thus the Baltic Sea provides an enthralling treasure chest for divers. There are warships from the 17th century, magnificent wooden ships from the 18th century, cargo ships from the 19th century and warships from the Second World War.

On board these sunken ships, time has frozen – it often feels as if the crew has only just left the vessel. The wrecks have become like time capsules, a spooky mixture of serene beauty and haunting reminders of a brutal drama.

These amazing images of the ghost ships of the Baltic have attracted global attention and appear in this book reproduced really large for the first time.

I’m busy tonight. Don’t call me.