One of my absolute favourite dive sites in Kosterhavets National Park is closed as bird protection area between April 1 and Juli 31. Käbblingarna, a group of small islands, are near, easy to reach and diveable even when it’s windy. They are also close to the deep Kosterfjord, which usually means good visibility and rich marine life.

It’s becoming a tradition to get out there as soon as possible once allowed again. This year I had nothing particular booked at work August 1, so why not book in a dive before breakfast?

I got out there early in the morning in a calm, gentle breeze. The birds inhabiting the islands was not used to disturbance and made that very clear at first.

Homarus gammarus

The marine life seems somehow different here, especially early august when its been undisturbed for four months. Lobsters (Homarus gammarus) are out walking on the sand, and seem more curious than shy when you approach them. I find the same lobster homes inhabited year after year.

My old friend

There is this one lobster I see every year which I believe is the same individual. I have met him in the same area several years in a row, often in the same house. I can tell he is old from the white stuff growing on his claws, and that’s also what I hope to identify him by. Stay tuned about that. Anyway, I was pleased to see he survived another season of lobster fishing.