The night diving season is here. Usually we depart at 18:00 for our Tuesday dives, and mid October it’s getting dark soon after that. This evening we left the surface at 18:40, only minutes after the sun went down.

Underwater it becomes dark very quickly when the daylight fades away. Immediately after dark, the marine life changes completely. The species that hide during the day comes out to eat. A familiar dive site becomes new. Its like night and day.

Tonight the lobsters were out walking. I was very pleased to see a handful, the fishermen are talking about legendary catches this year. On a day dive on this site six days into the lobster season, we saw only one individual on the same route we dived today. Where there was plenty just before the season started.

Lobster out for a walk
Almost always a lobster on this exact spot

With everything happening in the beams of lights and flashes, the experience becomes stronger somehow,. more concentrated. You can see only what’s in your light beam, you can shoot only what your flashes can lit up.

Or you can turn off all light sources and wave the luminescent noctilucales between you fingers. Its like magic.

Never done a night dive? Do the appropriate training, and get in there. You won’t regret. From now until mid march you can do a night dive after work and still be home at a decent time. Today we departed at 18:00 and were back in the harbor at 20:30.

Let me light your way