Often the first thing I do when post-processing an image is clicking the auto button in Lightroom, just to get an idea of what lr suggests. Usually, I undo, simply because I do not like the suggestions, and start from scratch.

In general, I find the auto adjustment button lr to be quite useless for underwater photography, making the images far from reality.

Every now and then I get an image that hardly changes at all when I click the auto button. Then I know my exposure was close to ideal, and a few quick adjustments are all I need.

All in all I do very little post-processing. I think its boring, and I find so much more satisfaction in nailing the exposure in the camera.

This image is only converted to .jpg in Lightroom. No cropping or adjustments. The adjustments lr suggests are barely visible to the human eye.

Yes. Nailed it.

Nikon D800 | Nikon 8-15mm | 2 x Retra Flash

ISO 200 | 15mm | f/10 | 1/40 sec