I’m Norwegian, and our Constitution Day is a day Norwegians celebrate, no matter where we are and what we do. Its a public holiday in Norway, and those of us who work in Norway have the day off.

I live in Sweden, and I’m the only Norwegian in the family. For everyone around me, it’s just another day. So for me it’s a day off, to do whatever I please. Just me, myself and I.

So what to do? Diving, of course. Just my breathing machine, my camera and I. In my small boat. Somewhere out there in the marine national park, I can see from my house. I’m privileged.

Weather permitted western shores today, where many of my favourite dive sites are. Syd Hällso was today’s dive site.

As mentioned, Norwegians celebrate this day no matter what. So, a Norwegian flag was an appropriate prop for today’s photoshoot. Bringing the flag actually saved the dive today. The visibility was poor, and other objects were few and far between. So, an hour of playing around with lighting the Norwegian flag on the seabed in a Swedish national park was today’s photographic exercise.

Historical notes: The coastline between the current border and Gothenburg was once Norwegian. Except for the years 1523 – 1532, Bohuslän belonged to Norway from before 1000 until 1658, when we gave it to the Swedish. That was a big mistake. Big.

For the record; I never leave anything in the sea that doesn’t belong there. Not even a Norwegian flag.