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On the surface

by | Sep 12, 2018 | dives, wide angle |

Some times failures turns out all right.

Whenever possible I play around with half-and-half, or split shots, on the surface after a dive. A beautiful sunset and a blue, blue sky met us when surfacing from this September evening dive. Split shots typically have a lit underwater part of the frame, and thats what I first tried to achieve. However, the sunball in the frame made exposure challenging, and the visibility in the surface was poor, returning a snow storm when lit by my flashes. I turned them off, opting for an underexposed underwater part of the frame. This image had the underwater part completely blacked out, and somehow it works with the silhouette of my dive buddy. If I told you we were just about to descend for a night dive, the dark water would make perfect sense – wouldn’t it?

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