At 11:30 pm on January 17 in 2006 the fishing boat SD 228 Havet ran aground on Kalvebrottet southwest of Ramsö, Koster. One of the two crew members didn’t find his way out, and went down with the boat. His body was recovered by divers the day after. 

The boat sank at only 6 m, but on the weather exposed location it soon sank deeper. Today the wreck – or the remains of the it – rests scattered around a quite large area from 16 to 20 m depth. 

The engine
The winch

Havet was a wooden boat, and it’s fascinating to see how fast the wreck is disappearing as the shipworms feast on it.

Kalvebrottet is exposed to the open ocean. The area is quite shallow, and there can be strong current. The site can only be dived in calm weather, but when weather permits its really worth the ride. From the surface the rock slopes down to a flat, sandy bottom at 20 m depth. Absolutely free from mud, it has the freshness to it you only find in exposed places. Kalvebrottet would be a really nice dive site even without the wreck.

I dived the wreck first time in  July 2012. It was a spontaneous «weather permitted» trip, and I only had a macro lens with me. We went back in august the same year, then with wide angle. I was fascinated by the large piece of deck lying on sand – at the time the most photogenic part of the deck. The broken deck planks was a reminder of the enormous forces in the ocean. The scene had a dramatic beauty to it.  

Parts of the deck. Image from August 2012.
Part of the deck. Image from August 2012.

In 2020 the planks were all gone, eaten by shipworms. And the small remains washed away by the ocean. Eventually the metal parts will also rust and dissappear. The nature take its course.