The more time I spend underwater, the more curious I become about the ocean realm. There is just so much to see, it’s like it never ends. Typically, my order of interest is like this:

  1. Find something photogenic, beautiful or extraordinary.
  2. Take pictures of it.
  3. Find out what it is. Learn more about it.

The more I learn about species, the easier it becomes to find them. To get more pictures. Better pictures. It’s like the circle of life, moving slowly forward.

A steadily growing interest in species and their classification – taxonomy – has led to a whole new section of pages on this site.

On the parent page you will find a growing list of links to pages dedicated to various species, with images and information. I do my very best to make these pages scientifically correct. Please drop me a line if you see wrong or questionable information, it will be most welcome.