The sun bursting through the surface can be very beautiful underwater. And difficult to photograph. How deep the beams penetrate depends on the visibility, and the light is always best near the surface.

I typically take a few shots descending, but then I also want to continue the dive, so time is often limited. I always try to get in the water first and position myself to photograph buddies descending.

In the end of dive there is plenty of time. My safety and decompression stops are often ended due to empty tanks or a need to pee, rather than the required minutes.

Being able to visualize is a good thing. When swimming over this sandy bottom I saw my own shadow on the sand – and the photo opportunity. I turned, positioned myself, and signalled to my buddy to swim by. And as I hoped, I could catch his shadow on the sand below him.

Inevitably, I think about the cartoon Lucky Luke, the cowboy who’s faster than his own shadow, when I see this image. When is you frog kicks perfect? When you outswim your own shadow.