On my last dive trip, I got up early in the morning, lugged all the gear into my car and boat, enjoyed a beautiful boat ride, and finally anchored at one of my absolute favourite dive sites. Only to discover that I forgot to put batteries in my flashes.

That morning I failed to apply rule #1, always take a test picture before you leave. That’s the most important picture of the day, every dive day. Work that habit into your muscle memory, and it will save you a lot of disappointments.

Normally I do this every time. However, that particular morning I had packed everything ready the night before but needed to charge the batteries and left them in the charger overnight. Putting them into the flashes was the only thing I needed to do that morning.

A few things may have been outside the normal routines in our house that morning. Perhaps I should have had one more cup of coffee. No matter what I just grabbed the camera and went off. Lession learned.

“Always take a test picture before you leave”