Am I the only one struggling with white balance and colour calibration underwater? I don’t think so. So far my efforts have been limited to “this looks pretty much as I remember it” when playing with the handles in lightroom. In other words, not a very scientific approach. 

I always try to produce images as close to reality as possible, and typically do not spend very much time post-processing my images. I actually think it’s boring. 

However, I realize I have to read up on the subject to up my game a bit.

When digging into the science of colour calibration and various types of purpose made cards, I stumbled over these waterproof cards from They are credit card size, so easy to carry wherever. 

The cards arrived this week and the manual is on the reading list for the weekend. Unfortunately no time for diving this weekend, so stay tuned for reports on my progress in the world of white balancing and colour calibration. 

Grey white balance colour card punched and hooked up, ready for underwater use.